Just let me know what item you want and leave your email and your ZIP Code so I can figure out how much shipping to charge. Also everything will be shipped out on Monday. – Kerry

Email: kerrywiebe@hotmail.com

#1. Rexall First-Aid Kit. The box is metal and comes with everything you see in the picture. $10 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#2. A Tom Thumb cash register. This will only be able to be used as a decorative piece as it isn’t functioning. But still so adorable. $8 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#3. A Praying Lady Picture. It measures 18 1/2” x 15”. $12 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#4. A Nice Granny Square Afghan. It measures 53” x 48”. $15 + shipping.

#5. A metal storage box with handle. It measures 10”x 7”x 4 1/2” $5 + shipping.

#6. A set of 7 Sunny Books. They have a copyright of 1970. $6 + shipping.

#7. A set of Talk starting teacher pictures. These are SO cool. They are nice and big they measure 16”x 20”. On the back of each picture is information about what is taking place in the picture. This set is all about the grocery store and they are from 1967! They come in a case. $20 + shipping. (Photo #1)

(Photo #2)

#8. A Pink Tonka pick up truck. $10 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#9. A Fisher Price Lot. Not everything is in perfect working condition. The little box radio looks great but I can’t get it to play. It would make a cute decoration. $15 + shipping for the lot. SOLD!!!