Just let me know what item you want and leave your email and your ZIP Code so I can figure out how much shipping to charge. Also everything will be shipped out on Monday. Thank you so much!  kerrywiebe@hotmail.com

#1. A set of Betty Crocker cookbooks. So you can bake all the things. $8 + shipping.

#2. A lot of 17 Aunt Martha’s transfers. They are uncut. $20 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#3. A lot of flash cards. Everything you need for some fun teaching time. $8 + shipping.

#4. A large box of Brix Block $10 + shipping.

Brix Blocks

#5. A lot of 17 Little Golden Books. So many fun titles. $15 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#6. A set of a couple of table games. $8 + shipping.

#7. Krazy Ikes by Whitman plastic building pieces. It even has the directions of different designs included. $5 + shipping.

#8. A box of DoubleDooz playground and school set. So many fun pieces for imagination play. $15 + shipping.

#9. A lot of wooden tinker toys. $8 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#10. The board game of States. It is complete! Such a fun game. $12 + shipping.