Just let me know what item you want and leave your email and your ZIP Code so I can figure out how much shipping to charge. Also everything will be shipped out on Monday. Thank you so much!  kerrywiebe@hotmail.com

#1. A children’s pastel color China tea set. It has 20 pieces! It comes with everything pictures which also includes the creamer and sugar bowl. So cute! $25 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#2. A Large Milk glass scalloped platter. It measures 13” across. $12 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#3. A set of 1948 multiplication flashcards. $5 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#4. A made in Japan hand painted ice bucket with a wicket handle. $12 + shipping. SOLD!!!

#5. A Mosaic Magic magnetic activity board. You can create all kinds of creations no matter where you are. $5 + shipping.

#6. A lot of 39 wooden spools. All sizes. $12 + shipping. SOLD!!!!

#7. A mixed lot of Fisher Price toys. $12 + shipping.

#8. A large metal round tray. It measures 19” across. $8 + shipping.