Just let me know what item you want and leave your email and your ZIP Code so I can figure out how much shipping to charge. Also everything will be shipped out on Monday. – kerrywiebe@hotmail.com 

A set of 3 Kellogg’s bowls. $6 + shipping SOLD!!!

A set of 6 chalkboards. They measures 13” x 11” for the large ones. $10 + shipping. SOLD!!!

A set of white bulletin board letters. $10 + shipping.

A set of black bulletin board letters. $10 + shipping.

A lot of toys. Slinky and Jacks. $12 + shipping. SOLD!!!

A lot of children’s books. $8 + shipping.

A set of 10 large Flash cards of what goes on at a grocery store. On the back of each large cardboard picture there is an explanation of what the picture is about. I love these pictures so vintage! $10 + shipping.

A Roy Rogers Metal lunchbox. $8 + shipping SOLD!!!