Our good friend, Deandra Sommers, made us a awesome video! She has a BA in PR/Adverstising and wanted a refresher so she is taking a graphics communication class at FHSU. Here is the rest in Deandra’s words:

“The video was an assignment and the Barn Sale was going on during that week. I thought Kerial Dairy was the perfect business to promote. I shot the footage with my digital Nikon camera and edited the video with Adobe Premier I appreciate the way the Wiebe’s have expanded their family farm in a creative way. They have done an excellent job in promoting the “from the farm to table” concept with their catering and cupcakes. I also consider the Barn Sale to potentially be a large agri-tourism destination for our area. In short, I am impressed with how they have marketed their farm, products, and family lifestyle into a positive brand. As a part owner in our own farm, it is encouraging to see how inventive their business plan has become. It also helps, that I adore Kerry. And her cupcakes. Both are equally sweet. I have had three of their five children in class and they are a great reflection of their parents. They are an amazing family and I was happy to help them promote their business. I received an A, by the way.”

Thank you, Deandra, for telling our story is such a powerful way!

Dan & Kerry

Watch the video!

Deandra Sommers